Steve, whenever I go to Scholarly I have always wanted to get into Selective but what I did not realize is how much effort you and Jen have put and so I want to take this time to say a million thank you! Because if I got rank one from rank 100 it is because of you and Jen. You and is always you and Jen! Now, to everyone else, have you ever though of the time you brain freezes and felt like “will I pass Selective?” Well I have and boy it is hard! However, what if you pass? It will be amazing. Passing Selective is amazing but not passing is ok beacuse you have Year 8, Year 9 and yeah. Life might be horrible but we should appreciate every single thing. You just have to believe in yourself. Don’t let your self down! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! #SCHOLARLYARMYUNITE! Best of luck to everyone! Thank you Steve and Jen!