Why COVID 19 might be the best learning opportunity

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Steve Xu



Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s video. Now I know I have made a video in a very, very long time. And excuse me kind of scruffy appearance. But I just wanted to make this video today to talk about why COVID-19 might be the single best experience learning experience or time belonging. For you guys, I know there are a lot of parents out there, a lot of parents are worried they’re like, You know what, my child’s at home, you know what they’re going to miss out on learning, or they’re going to miss out on crucial learning time. You know, they’re at home now our schools are gone, right? And so there’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of chaos, and everyone’s worried everyone’s like, you know, what do I do now that my child is at home? What do I do now that my child is no longer at school? And, you know, I kind of look upon this situation in a very different light right? Now, keep in mind, the things that I’m going to say in this video are not recommending truancy, right, but things that I send this video just reflective of my experience, and what I’ve seen with the kids in the top 1%. 

Okay. So I personally believe that this time right now that you guys have at home. It’s time right now, during this COVID-19 time, when you have your kids at home, where they’re being homeschooled pretty much and they’re doing Distance Learning distance, Ed, is the single best opportunity that your child is ever going to have to accelerate their learning. Now, let me explain what I mean. Let me backtrack a little bit. I’ll tell you the reasons why. And I’ll start by telling you guys a story. So when I was little, I would go to school for six hours, and I’ll do nothing during those six hours. Right, like, I mean, like literally nothing yet true, like the teacher will give you some exercise to do, but really, in terms of actual true learning, like learning to help me grow in terms of my academic performance, I didn’t learn anything at school, right. This happened from kindergarten to sixth, and happened later on from seven all the way to 12. Now the experience that I’ve had, is again, relative, right? 

I am Performing at a VERY HIGH LEVEL

So I want you guys keep in mind that I was already performing at a very, very high level. And so when you’re performing at a very high level, then you’re not school, there’s not much slow. So I would always treat school time, as my leisurely, you know, social time where I get to talk with my friends and I, I used to just, you know, not trade school trade school too seriously, in terms of, you know, stuff that we do. Right now, I’m not condoning that. But what I’m saying is that, what what I looked forward to, was the serious learning time that I had at home, right, so I’ll literally go to school from nine to three, and then I’ll come home at four o’clock. And that’s when my serious learning began. Right, that’s where I’ll read my books. That’s when I’ll do my question papers. And that’s when I’ll do countless, countless selective test and oc test papers. And actually improve upon my life. Right, improve upon my knowledge, improve my actual capacity. That’s what happened. It all happened off to school and, and during high school, what started happening was, you know, before important exams, and this is, again, not something that I recommend, but before important exams, I would spend most of my time in the classroom studying by myself, right? Rather than listening to the teacher, I would study by myself, because I knew that that hour of studying by myself was going to be a lot more impactful for me than studying or listening to a teacher speak for a while. 

What I’m trying to say right now is by keeping your your kids at home, you know, for let’s say, the next two months, or let’s say, even for the next three months, this is a fantastic. I mean, this is the best opportunity that you’re ever going to have to accelerate your child’s learning. If you have a child at home doing six hours of real work, not six hours of schoolwork, right now six hours of just rubbish, but six hours of real work at home, in two, three months, you can transform that child from you know, the bottom of the class to the top of the class, I guarantee it. And so that’s why instead of you guys complaining about the school system, and you guys saying, oh, yeah, my child is at home. Now what do I do, what I would recommend, is to start thinking about strategies in which you can educate your child at home. And that’s why what I’m going to do in the next two days, probably on Wednesday, is I’m going to release the webinars can be free. I’m going to be talking about strategies and things and tools you can use at home to help your child learn. Alright, to keep your child occupied

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Now, keep in mind, this is only going to work if you are a committed parent. If this if you are committed to helping your child learn, and to learn how to actually organize their education, right? So if you just expect your child to start, don’t walk, that’s not gonna happen. Right? But if you set them a rigorous curriculum, like for example, let me just let me just give you a sample kind of curriculum. Now I know a lot of schools have been given distance packs, Distance Ed packs have actually had a look at couple of them. In my opinion. They’re just not very good, right? They don’t really have any experience in terms of teaching distance. But besides that, what I would start recommend or what I would recommend is for you guys to start writing, right get your child to write a lot do children’s writing All right, that’s number one thing, right given to read a lot, I’ll be publishing a book list soon of books that you guys should start reading

Let’s say for example, in a typical day, you know, they’re working from nine to three, right? So the first hour that I would do is one hour of writing, right? Just get them to write a recount, just get them to write anything, it doesn’t really matter, go on public 365 politico topic, just ask them to write for that solid out. Second hour reading, ask them to read a book, right, and make sure that in that hour, they can read at least 40-50 pages, and then so forth, right, you just organized that time, according to six hours, and they actually do six hours of true work, you’re going to be flabbergasted by the amount of progress that they make. Okay, this is just coming from someone who’s been in the system, someone who’s seen, you know, the top kids, right? I mean, top kids who get into medicine and law know that there is nothing to be learned at school, there is absolutely nothing to be learned at school, even when we go into Uni, it’s like, you know, we concentrate by learning in our own time, because we know that the amount of information that we get from teachers is the amount of information transfer is too slow, right? So we tend to learn by ourselves. 

That’s what you need to educate your child to do in this in this time, right, you need to make sure that they’re self driven. And they develop this capacity to learn by themselves, rather than get taught by the teachers. Okay, and it comes down to again, establishing a system every single day, where you have just an hour, an hour, an hour, even if they just don’t three hours work three hours work is plenty, right? For most of you right now who are not even in the top 1%. Three hours of work is going to be planning, but you need to make sure that they’re doing the right work. And so that’s what I’ll be talking about in the webinar, right? It’ll be recorded on Wednesday. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, just ask them to read, ask them to write and then ask them to do some Khan Academy mats. That is the best thing that you could ever do for your child. Hopefully, you guys will understand. So instead of freaking out saying, oh, a school’s over, you’re not going to learn anything at school anyway, right? Your child’s wasting the time at school, like in my honest opinion, you’re wasting your time at school. So this is COVID-19 has provided even though you know, there’s so much tragedy, it’s provided the greatest learning opportunity for all of you, I stand by those words, right? Finally, somebody who’s actually allot a substantial amount of thing at school, you can’t find it, right, it’s just impossible. 

Use this time develop your child use this time to really dial in and work on building up their foundations, in all of those subjects. As parent, there are a lot of things that you can do, like most of you are very well versed in maths, you guys should be working with the child at home with maths, if not put them on Khan Academy. In terms of English and writing, you guys know what to do. I’ve made many, many videos about that. Okay, so use this time to really accelerate their learning, because really, I think that they could probably, you know, you know, improve quite significantly. And for those parents who will ride who are like, you know, my child is gonna miss out on something that I’m missing out on anything, right? Even if this blows up for six months, seven months, it’s fine. Charles, I’m missing out on anything, but keep them occupied at home, make sure that they’re doing something, either reading, writing or doing some maths. 

Okay. That’s it for me today. Again, stay tuned for the webinar. I’ll create an event very shortly for that. Stay tuned for that. And hopefully, I’ll see you guys all there. If you have any questions, please comment them down below. Again, remember that these are just my opinions. Right? You don’t have to agree with them. Right? I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you think about the whole situation. But from my standpoint, if this was me right now, I would be so happy, right? Because it’ll give me so much time to work on just building my academic capacity. I hope you guys feel the same way. And you guys are working hard at home with the children. That’s it for me today. Thank you guys, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.I

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