The Future of Selective Test and OC Exams (2023+ STUDENTS YOU’RE IN TROUBLE)


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Hey parents, and I hope everyone is doing well hope everyone is having a great day. And I just thought I’d jump on real quick just to record a very, very quick video on what I’ve seen and what I’ve noticed, happening lately in both the selective school and OC school exams. So please comment down below if you guys can hear me and please comment down below if you are here. And we’re about to get the ball rolling. Okay, guys, so I’m gonna give you guys a couple of seconds, just come on. Today we’re discussing, you know, the trajectory of selective school and OC school exams in the near future. We’re going to talk about, you know, the things that I’ve noticed that the Department of Education has done, and also why most of you are in kind of big, big trouble. Okay, so come online and Ki dokie. So if the one person who’s watching this video right now, if you can just like the video that will help me out tremendously.Thank you very, very much. Facebook is being a little bit mean to me right now, because I think they changed the algorithm. And they’re not pushing my video out to many people. So I’m just going to wait a while just for everyone to jump online. Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about what the future holds for selective school and OC school exams.

And I think this is very, very important for people if all four people who are watching this right now like the video, like the video, that’ll be very much appreciate it. Five people. If you guys can all like the video, please help me out. I want to get this information to you renew co how’re you going? Good to see you. How is everyone feeling? Okay, so if all five people can just select the video tremendously helpful. Okay, let’s begin. So yesterday, I made a video about what I noticed in the 2022 selective schools test and how I think it was not a shock. But it was definitely a surprise. Because typically, when you look at most of the years, our progression in terms of selective schools test when we start from, because I mean, I’ve been coaching this for like what the last eight years, right? And so when we look at, you know what it was like in 2015 2016 2014 2018 2019, it was basically a very, very similar exam, okay. There were very little changes from year to year. Very, very, very, very little changes.

Now, obviously, we saw in 2020, there was a huge change, because the Department of Education did an inquiry in 2018. And they said, hey, you know, what, we got to change the exam, right? We got to change it, you know, to be, you know, more difficult to be uncoachable basically, quote, unquote, uncoachable. And what was really interesting is, in 2021, when the first new test, the first new style of tests came out, it was actually pretty doable. It wasn’t like it was completely out of the ordinary, I think a lot of our kids were very, very well prepared. And if you saw the results, a lot of our kids got 50 out of 50, in English 5050, and writing 50 out of 50 and maths, 50 out of 50 and thinking skills, a lot of them did exceptionally well. Now, what was really interesting about this year’s test, is that they changed it even more, right, we thought, I think everybody thought that the test was going to be very much similar to what it was last year. And you guys all saw the sample paper you guys all saw at the 2021 test was like, but what they did was they completely changed it. So for example, there was no close passage anymore, there was only summary text, a lot of the thinking skills questions had transitioned, from critical reasoning to problem solving.

Even the writing topic was a lot more, a lot more different. And we kind of already knew that the writing topic was always going to change right in terms of format. But now think about it. It could be any writing topic. You know, it could be boundless in terms of its text type. And the one piece of advice that I have for all parents who currently have children in year three, year four, year five is trust me guys, you are going to need to prepare if all nine people who are watching this video right now if you guys can all give me a like that’ll be tremendously useful. So just like the video like the video, like the video, thank you guys so much. All nine people liked the video.

Basically, what I’m saying is preparation now is needs to be almost 10 times more than what it was before. Because before when it was simply g or before when it was simply thinking skills or performing or simply narrative. It was already hard to prepare for selective school right there was still a lot of stuff that you have to do like if you guys have heard anything about my training programs, TN Hello, Zach. Hello. Good to see you guys. Hopefully you guys are doing well. It was already really really hot. Right? Like, you know, I’d be pushing my kid Most of my kids would be doing at least two to three hours of work every single day. And with that, you know, obviously, we’d get a lot of kids into James sirs, for example, last year, we had like 45 kids who scored above the James for his cut off. And so that was pretty, pretty powerful, right? But now when I look at it, I’m like, you know, this exam.

Now, it does require almost an element of natural intelligence, because there are elements in the exam that cannot be prepared for or, you know, if you were to prepare for it would require an immense amount of work. And so your child needs to be extremely not only well prepared, because before your child didn’t have to be smart, your child could be you know, dumb, you know, unintelligent, whatever, as long as they worked hard, they could basically get in selective school, right? And but now, right, it’s like, they need preparation. They need a lot of preparation, because now the multitude of topics has expanded tremendously. And more importantly, they need to be versatile. They need to be quick on their feet.

Super Ow, hello, a Nuba Hello, if all 10 people who are watching this video or 11 people who are watching this video right now, if you guys can all like the video, that’ll be very much appreciated shahada Good to see you. So like I said, right now we are in what I would say is probably the most tumultuous time in selective school preparation, right? I honestly, I speak very, very honestly, I see the sheer amount of topics that need to be covered. Right, and it’s basically tripled compared to before, okay, and to prepare kids properly. For every single topic, every single topic that we’ve seen in selective school, the amount of stuff that you need to do is going to be absolutely ridiculous. And so I honestly don’t know what how the other tutoring places or you know, what you guys currently doing are going to do that because we are doing a huge, and I mean, a monumental overhaul of our materials.

We in the last week alone, we’ve created I think, some somewhere around 2000 or 3000 new questions based on the new thinking skills and the new English questions that we’ve seen in the selective schools test. Right. So we’re doing like one of the biggest overhauls ever, I’ve just hired another like what, I don’t know, five to six question makers, right, in addition to our team of question makers right now. And so it’s absolutely ludicrous. And the only reason why we’re doing that is just because right now we have no, like, we need to prepare for every single little inkling of possibility of possible topics that can potentially come up, right. So before I used to spend like, back in the day, when I used to be teaching writing, I spent spent 10 weeks teaching narrative writing. Now because we have diary entry, we have journal entry, we have letter writing, we had advice sheet, we have, you know, persuasive writing, we have feature article writing, we have all the different types of Cambridge writing topics.

We only have one week for every single writing topic. And to be honest, I’m actually kind of scared for the kids because it’s a lot to go through on a weekly basis. And so I think right now for parents are kind of like, oh, yeah, it’s all good. We’re just gonna do the normal tutoring. Like, guys, if you know what actually happened in the 2022 selective schools test, you would be worried. Okay, I honestly don’t know how people are gonna adapt to this is pretty crazy. From what I’ve seen. And you need to get ready. And I’m honest, right? You guys probably know that. I’m probably the hottest, hottest Walker out there in terms select a preparation. And I’m only jumping on these live videos right now.

Because there’s actually something really important to talk about that no one’s talking about. Everyone’s like, Oh, yes. Like it was easy. You show bro. Like, it’s not easy, right? In fact, I think it’s like your school’s test right now is more difficult than the scholarship test. It used to be that the scholarship tests was way harder than selective school. But now it’s a lot harder than before. Okay, how banding system will work with cutoff for selective schools. Parents want to see scores. Yeah, well, I don’t know what you mean by the banking system. But yeah, you won’t be able to see the cutoff scores. And you basically need to make a decision based on how your child performed in the exam. So you got to just ask the child, you know, how they went, how it was like, and go from there. So what I’d highly recommend to all parents who are watching this, who kind of like Steven, what do I do? What do I do right now? Like how do I best prepare my child? Well, you need to do is you need to get a child assessed, because I’m guessing right now, if you’re watching this video, and you’re new, and you’ve never seen me before, you need to get your child assessed, okay.

We had 45 kids get the James service cut off. Just last year alone, right. We also had a lot of kids, I can’t even remember how many kids do exceptionally well, in in OSI this year. We made an OSI results video. Hopefully you saw that if you guys didn’t, we had a whole bunch of kids. Pass a Beecroft cut off I think 10 or so. And then we had a further black 30 kids who passed some mock ups, North rocks cut off and so on. mean, we’re pretty much the best at what we do right across all the different Facebook groups across everywhere, I think the results that we get are probably the best. Anyway. But that’s, that’s enough. I’m telling you guys that the test is hard. And even this year for OC school, it’s gonna be pretty difficult. Most of you guys have already seen the different, you know, the different types of tests that is coming out.

So now it’s instead of having a 50 question test, it’s going to be divided up into sub into individual subjects. And there’s going to be like, 70 to 80 questions, right? I think something like 80 questions, so a lot to prepare for. Anyway, if you do have any questions two, asks, should we focus on getting scholarship? Not selective school says, No, you should do both. Okay, you have to do both. There’s no other choice, you have to do both. It’s only doing one or the other, you should apply for as many scholarships as possible. And you should apply for the selective schools test as well. And to be honest, I would highly suggest, like, you know, this is just a side note, if you really want to just move to Victoria, okay, like the Victorian selective schools test hasn’t been changed yet.

So I mean, at the end of the day, if you if you want an easy way to get into a good school, move to Victoria do the Victorian selective schools test. And it’s basically the equivalent of like, I don’t know, you five NAPLAN. So it’s very, very easy. So if you’re super worried, that’s one option that you can do move to Victoria. It’s very easy to get a scholarship in Victoria as well compared to Sydney because now Sydney, New South Wales, I don’t even know what’s going on. Well, I do know what’s going on. But it is absolutely crazy. But parents who are at scaly dough are okay, we’ve adapted well, we adapt well, the first time, we’re adapting now, we are adapting and I’m always on the edge. So hopefully you guys are doing well, for any parents who are wondering, why do we make our materials so difficult? Or why is scholarly so hard? Well, now you should probably know. So if you’re in year three, you’re ready for your new five. And you’re wondering, Steven, why is the material so hot? Well guess what? Selected material is even hotter than what you’re doing right now.

Okay, the actual test is even hotter than what you’re doing right now. So I’m gonna only push out because I know that’s what you need. Now might be uncomfortable. You guys might not like it. Your kids might be like, Oh, Mom, Dad, I don’t want to do this. But guess what, it’s good for you. Okay, doing a cold shower is not comfortable running on the treadmill, for two hours a day is not comfortable, what’s comfortable is eating junk food, and like, you know, relaxing and watching Netflix, right? But we have to adapt to the conditions that we are given. And right now, the conditions aren’t in our favor, we need to work really, really hard. And I hope you or your parents understand that.

It’s inevitable, okay, it’s like, if you want to get into a selective school, this is just what you want to you have to do. If you want to complain about why the system is so unfair. You want to complain about Dota Dota da, this is not the right place to go. I suggest you leave the group or you go somewhere else. And don’t even bother trying to apply for a selective school. Because obviously, you want things to go your way which is not going to happen. That is it for me. Thank you guys. Please let me know what questions you have. We’re going to be doing more webinars. I’m going to be bringing on more people, more experts, and we’re going to continue this conversation. So please let me know to yen. It doesn’t mean that there’s no more close passage, it just means that this year, there was no closed closed passage. Okay. So it just depends on the year just depends on the exam. Depends on what the government wants to do. Okay, that’s why we need to prepare for all the different eight to 10 different types of text types. Hopefully you guys clear. And thank you guys so much for watching.

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