Tips & Strategies: What to do in Year 3?

In 2021, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out academically, especially within an opportunity class. The situation can be quite challenging when you are living in Australia, where the education system is highly competitive for all students aiming for a shot at a place among academic achievers.

Grade 3 or Year 3 is for students who are eight to nine years of age and is the perfect time for students to start their preparation for OC (Opportunity Class Placement Test), selective school, or even scholarships.

Of course, all parents want to provide quality education to their kids, and that is why they often become overwhelmed with queries, such as: should I send them to coaching? Which WEMG is the best? How much study is enough study, what do I need my kids to study? And how can I help at home?

Let us discuss each question with detailed solutions, tips, and strategies.

Should I Send Them to Coaching?

The first thing parents ask is whether they should send their children to coaching or not. Well, the answer is no, because the first place for students to learn strategies of success is in their own home.

Quality of Parent=Quality of Child

There is nothing surprising about the fact that children ALWAYS copy their parents. It is not what you ask them to do, but it is always what you act in front of them. Being a mother or father, it is your duty to act mature, motivated, and never show your frustration before your kids. Learn and grow with them.
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The Earlier you Start, the Easier for your Child

We all know that kids are fast learners, and they adopt new things faster than adults. It is easy to mold a raw material than hard, and likewise, it is a lot easier to develop their minds at a younger age.

There is no doubt, the right time to educate is at a young age. So, start your training when they are in Year 3. Read with them, learn with them, and allow them to build their foundational knowledge at a young age. Children will not only listen to you, but they will also absorb everything in their environment.

Which WEMG is the Best?

If you are willing to enhance your kid’s WEMG skills, you should avoid sending them for rigid, unemphatic classes run by university student tutors who don’t know how to teach. They will never be able to develop a child’s educational prowess as efficiently as their parents can.

WEMG is an acronym for Writing, English, Mathematics, and General Ability. Let’s discuss each part briefly.


Believe it or not, but we all are writers in one way or another. However, only a few can express it like an art. The question I have for you is, do you know how you can increase the writing skills of your third-grader?

Guess what, it’s pretty easy!

Encourage them to write a diary every day with five senses (see, touch, taste, hear, and smell). Let them develop the habit of paraphrasing by copying writing from good books and then changing the words used to develop further detail and imagery


To improve a child’s English Ability, make sure they learn new words daily. Yes, English and vocabulary go hand in hand. Vocabulary plays the most vital role in enhancing your child’s English skills.

Also, let your kids repeat what they hear or learn for the first time. Remind them again and again so that they can remember the word. Use such words in your conversations, and make sure to read extensive comprehension questions to develop an understanding of critical thinking.


Mathematics is an indispensable part of any student’s life. It requires a sharp mind to solve numerical or mathematical problems fast.

Allow your kids to start practicing simple subtraction and addition questions so that they will develop the mathematical foundation for an exceptional academic achiever. Additionally, calculations up to four-digits should be included in children’s daily routine.

mathematical reasoning school chalkboard

How much Study and What to Study?

First things first, set a goal for your child. It is important to decide the direction on whether your kid wants to go for a Scholarship, Opportunity Class, or Selective School. After making this decision, guide them in preparing for the exams and course.

Never pressure your child to do something against his/her will because every kid is different. Develop the habit of consistency in them. Furthermore, whenever you read in front of them, allow them to take part in detecting challenging words and sentences.

Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to read course books all the time. You can engage your child in a different informative activity, such as crosswords, riddles, etc.

How can I help at Home?

As a parent, several things you can do to help your child, even at home. Some of them include:

  • Set your target to memorize around 1500 words per year.
  • Create a friendly environment at home so that your child can feel stress-free.
  • Try to watch educational programs with your kids. They will learn and memorize things fast.
  • Share beautiful life-incidents & stories with them so that they can get ideas to write.
  • Encourage them to do engaging activities, including painting, sketching, and pottery.
  • Turn your home into a place of knowledge, where learning and prioritised and judgement is kept to a minimum.
  • Help your kids to solve logical reasoning questions. It will sharpen their minds.
  • Let your children make friendships with others. It will boost their confidence and give them a chance to grow.

Ultimately, our youth has become more competitive and enthusiastic. They want to absorb everything, but all they need is the right guidance.

No doubt, home is the best place to take a new start. But if you want professional help, you can contact Scholarly. We enhance not only skills but provide guidance on how to progress effectively throughout your child’s most important academic years.

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