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Steve Xu


The Body Is The Mind and The Mind Is The Body

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The body is the mind and the mind is the body. Most of us spend most of our time sitting in front of laptops sitting at a desk, concentrating on completing worksheets, workbooks questions, and developing our mind. Yet, we do not spend any time or very little time on developing our body, taking care of our body, looking after our nutrition. It’s really interesting, because I remember only last year, I weighed in at my heaviest point, I was 103 kilos, I was overweight, perhaps even, like very, very overweight, maybe even obese. I just felt terrible. Every single day, I was still getting the work done getting everything that I need to get done, such as teaching my classes, and working on scholarly, but I just went through life with all of this pain. I really didn’t like the person that I was becoming not because I was heavy, but just because my energy levels were always low. I want to tell you guys how I went about fixing that problem. How I ended up losing about I think now 18 kilos, and right now about 85 kilos, and but more importantly, drills and exercises you can do every single day to sharpen your body. 

As a consequence, sharpen your mind. So the very first thing that I want to say is that the quality of your mind is directly dependent on the quality of your health. And your health is so incredibly important. Like if you do not sleep, your IQ will go down. If you are anxious your IQ drops, there have been studies that are proven this anxiety, a lack of sleep can drop your IQ points by up to 50%. Thus, will decrease your Selective Test or OC Test Score Being lethargic as a result of being overweight, or you know, not exercising enough can also affect your intelligence, your IQ. So every single day, there are a couple of drills that you can do to ensure that you have this mind body connection, and you would actually take care of your body. 


So the very first thing that I want to talk about is breathing. I think so many of us because we spend most of our time indoors, instead of outdoors, we have forgotten to breathe. Now you guys probably laughing at me. You’re like Steven, no, I know how to breathe. No, you don’t. Let me explain. Most of you, especially if you were never taught how to breathe properly will be mouth breathers, right and otherwise, you’re breathing through your mouth. And what that does is it actually increases your level of anxiety. Mouth breathers have been scientifically shown to have greater levels of anxiety than people will breathe in through their nose. So the first thing that you should try to do is whenever you’re working whenever you’re, you know, working out a computer or you’re working at home, is think about breathing through your nose. And actually don’t just think about it breathe through your nose. So

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So breathing through your nose out through the mouth, one drill to just practice and also just kind of reset your whole physiology is something that I’ve learned from a guy called Wim Hof. So Wim Hof is this crazy guy who does all of these crazy breathing techniques, and he’s able to stay in the ice for like hours on end. He’s broken multiple records, he’s climbed Mount Everest in his bear shorts, right? So the guy is crazy. But he’s got this crazy. He’s got this absolutely amazing breathing technique that really allows you to de stress and more importantly, maintain your physiology, especially under stressful environments. And I do this exercise a couple of times every single day. Here’s how it works. You basically need to take in about five really, really deep breaths, right? So enter your nose, out through the mouth, in through your nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose out through your mouth. And then on the last one, you go in, and then you just hold it. So I’m going to demonstrate this exercise right now and it’s probably going to look quite foolish, but I know it’s gonna help you guys. So let me show you what it looks like

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So as you guys would have seen on that last one, I held it. I didn’t let it go. I have audit for like a solid 10, maybe 15 seconds, my record is a minute and a half, don’t push it too much, but just hold it for as long as you can, right? Obviously within safe within safety, and then just let it go right completely let it go destress. And do that three times a day. Tell me how you feel. What I noticed when I do that is my brain gets really warm and fuzzy. There is this kind of emptiness, that floods my brain where all the anxiety, everything just kind of drops out. My mind is clear. So keep in mind that the human body like breathing is the most primal function of humans. So make sure that you breathe. That’s number one. Number two is posture. Okay? Posture is incredibly important. And I know that most kids who are sitting down at a computer every single day, and this is me included, I had really, really, really, really bad posture. When I was a child, okay, I would be slumped over all the time, I’d be you know, you know, my shoulders would get really, really sore. And my neck would be sore all the time. And I was just because I wasn’t sitting properly. So whenever you sit down, it’s very, very important that you keep this in mind, there are two things actually, it’s really just one thing to practice. But it also has to do with breathing. And so when you think about sitting at your seat, one of the things that you should think about is extension, right, so extension of your ribcage and breathing into your ribcage. So watch this. As you breathe in. You will notice that your ribcage expands and grows. As this happens, what you want to do is you want to suck your stomach in so your ribcage goes up and your stomach goes in. Okay, so it’s almost like you’re trying to hide your stomach a little bit. So learn to do that, elevate the ribcage, breathe in, and then suck your stomach in. What that forces you to do is to activate what’s known as your T V A. 

This is a technique that I learned from a guy called Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns. He is a posture specialist. And he talks about the importance of recruiting your TVA muscles, especially when you’re standing or even when you’re sitting down. And I think for you guys, it’s more appropriate if it’s all that sitting down, but breathe in, ribcage expands and then you’re what’s been called your your stomach just goes in and just try to do that a couple of times today. You don’t have to hold it when you’re like sitting down. But it’s a good reset, like every now and again, do that just ribcage up and belly button in. Okay, the other thing that you can do is when you stand there is something called a power posture. A power posture. And the way that you do that is when you stand, you want to like let’s say for example you’ve studied for like 40 minutes, the way to make sure that your back is completely straight, is you want to kind of you know, place your back against the wall. Okay, you placed it back against the wall and your hedge, the back of your head should be touching the wall, your butt should be touching the wall, your back should be touching the wall and your back should be completely flat. What you can do is you can practice doing this TVI exercise where you breathe in. Make sure that there is no gap between your lower back and the wall. That will really help build some build, you know, very, very powerful posture. And having good posture is just important. Because if you have better posture, you have more energy, and you can work for longer. So hopefully that helps you out.


I think if you are able to work on those two things, in combination, or in conjunction with a very healthy diet, and some exercise every single week, you are going to notice a huge change in your body. In terms of exercise, I think going to play some sport at least three times a week is going to be very beneficial. And also on a daily basis. Try to just walk around. So when you’re taking a break, begin walking around, don’t sit down, right, you’re already sitting down so much. So don’t sit down and watch beluga, don’t sit down and play fortnight. Don’t sit down and watch Minecraft or play Minecraft, right? Go for a walk outside, go for a walk in your backyard, go for a walk obviously, with your parents. Don’t just go for a walk by yourself. But go for a little walk and just de stress that way. Trust me if you walk on those three things, number one, breathing, number two posture. And number three, just walking, you’re going to experience a big improvement in your quality of life. And that is only going to increase your ability to study and work hard.

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Let me know what you guys think. Right? So try those drills out. I want you guys to practice those drills. Try the Wim Hof breathing. Tell me what happened there. Try the TVA Exam. Tell me how you feel you feel more powerful. Try all those exercises out. Comment down below let me know what you thought of the video. Let me know if you want to know some more, some small health hacks some more health tricks. I’m more than happy to record videos on that. Like, comment, subscribe, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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