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Whether you want your child to succeed in the Selective School test, advance in the OC test or prosper with a Private School Scholarship, we are committed to getting you there. Through a comprehensive diagnostic test our expert tutors will advise you on your best school choices and with weekly trial tests and innovative teaching our tutors will gladly guide you to your goals.

At Scholarly you’re goals become our goals and we are delighted for you to be our next success story.

We understand that success in any field requires strong foundations. This is no different when it comes to the Selective School test, or Opportunity Class tests.

Our tutors prime concern is to ensure you achieve your goals. To do so we will develop your foundations in Math, English, Critical thinking and writing such that you can become an extraordinary Scholar!

You may have done online tutoring before… But you have never done it like this. 

Our tutors captivate a class through our insurmountable teaching methods developed for this modern time. We enthral students through engaging and relatable educational content, a synergy of visual and auditory media developed to not only make learning fun but also immensely effective.

scholarly online tutoring differences

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HOURS OF INSTRUCTION3 Hour Trial Test(1 Hour Instruction)1-3 Hours of Coaching6+ Hours of coaching/week
TEACHING QUALITYBarely competent Uni StudentsEither unaccountable cheap tutors (<$50/hour) or very expensive academic tutors who are not specialised in the exams (>$100/hour) Run by ex-James Ruse entrants/ Private Scholars with thousands of hours of experience
FOUNDATIONSBarely teach foundationsTake too long to establish foundationsTeaches Foundations across the board through various live videos/resourses
VOLUME OF QUESTIONSHides their trail test questionsRips off questions from your local bookstoreSources and develops questions pertaining to the exact requirements of Selective/Scholarship exams
Give you random topics. Never teach how to properly write a sentence, structure a paragraph etc.Most private tutors have no ideas how to teach English and Writing. The good ones are very expensive ($100/hour) and ask you to memorise pre-written passages anyway.Utilises a SPECIFIC SCHOLARLY format of Narrative Writing that breaks down each sentence, each adjective and verb. We produce fluent writer through the combination of a versatile formula that can be adapted for virtual all narratives and unlimited exemplar narratives.
MATHS/GA INSTRUCTIONProvide thousands of questions with barely any explanation. The questions you get wrong are always wrong.Mostly doing questions from books in your local bookstore. These questions do not relate to the latest exams.1Hour live video + In Person Class + Onboarding Fundamentals in each topic (Fractions, Decimals etc.) to develop competency. Unlimited questions to practice.
None. Just pleas to buy more coaching in form of holiday courses and WEMG to make more money.varies depending on tutor. Expensive for a good tutor.Live video every week for parents-guiding them through the confusion of exam preparation. Multiple check-ins for students who are struggling with detailed feedback on what to do.
PRICE$60/week for WEMG
$60/week for TRIAL TEST Materials fee
$130/week (to be conservative ) Not sure what you learn.
Varies depending on tutor. $50/hour for 1.5 hours- $75 (will barely cover 2 subjects) A good writing tutor will be $100/hour May spend up to $300-400/week for good private tutoring$70/week for everything. Top of the line Live Instruction Online Trail Tests Homework Support Accountability.
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