Year 4 Selective Reading & Writing Booster

A Scholarly+ Zoom Program

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Year 4 Selective Reading & Writing Booster Scholarly+ Zoom

About the course

Invest in your child’s educational growth and watch their confidence soar!

Give your child the ultimate advantage in the upcoming Selective Test with our Selective Reading & Writing Booster Course. Designed to enhance reading comprehension skills and develop a deeper understanding of texts, this dynamic program is tailored to maximise your child’s performance. 

Led by our expert instructors, this immersive course dives deep into the essential reading strategies and techniques needed to excel in the Selective Test. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and targeted practice, your child will develop a strong foundation in reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and analytical thinking.

But it’s not just about the test. Our Selective Reading & Writing Booster Course nurtures a love for reading and instills a lifelong passion for learning. Your child will discover the joy of exploring diverse genres, analysing complex texts, and extracting valuable information. We believe in nurturing curious minds and encouraging independent thinking.

With our course, your child will learn how to:

  • Build their vocabulary
  • Improve their comprehension skills
  • Analyse text in a deeper and more nuanced way
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Program Highlights:

  • Homework after every class
  • Fun & engaging Zoom class (Maximum 12 students per class)
Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your child’s reading abilities. Enrol them in our Selective Reading & Writing Booster Course and set them on the path to academic excellence and embrace a lifelong passion for reading.

Holiday Group 1: 25th September - 29th September

Holiday Group 2: 2nd October - 6th October

Term: 14th October - 16th December

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Course details

Year 4

Holiday: 25/09/23 - 06/10/23

Term: 14/10/23 - 16/12/23

Small & Interactive Zoom Class

Course details

Year 4

Holiday: 25/09/23 - 06/10/23

Term: 14/10/23 - 16/12/23

Small & Engaging Zoom Class

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