Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Booster

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Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Booster Scholarly+ Zoom

About the course

Are you ready to unleash your child’s inner genius? Join the Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Course!

As parents, we all want our children to be successful problem-solvers and creative thinkers. But how do we help them develop these skills in a fun and engaging way? That’s where we come in! Our comprehensive course is designed to help your child become a critical thinking superstar and excel on the Selective Class exams and beyond.

At the Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Course, we believe that thinking is an adventure, not a chore. Our course structure is designed to keep students engaged and motivated. We use a variety of teaching techniques and resources, including games, puzzles, and interactive activities. 

Our program provides students with a solid foundation in skills that can be applied to any problem. That’s why we teach them how to apply these skills effectively and confidently in all of their assignments.

Program Highlights:

  • Homework after every class
  • Fun & engaging Zoom class (Maximum 12 students per class

Holiday Group 1: 25th September - 29th September

Holiday Group 2: 2nd October - 6th October

Term: 15th October - 17th December

Introducing Exclusive Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Preparation

With an innovative approach and proven track record of success, your child will receive expert coaching and tailored guidance that focuses on honing their skills in Thinking Skills Assessments. 

Our approach is grounded in the belief that every child can achieve success with the right guidance and support. We understands that the Selective test can be a daunting experience, but we also knows that with the right preparation, your child can excel and increase the best possible chance of achieving their goals. 

Don’t wait – enrol in the Year 4 Selective Thinking Skills Course today and help your child unleash their inner genius!

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Course details

Year 4

Holiday: 25/09/23 - 06/10/23

Term: 15/10/23 - 17/12/23

Small & Interactive Zoom Class

Course details

Year 4

Holiday: 25/09/23 - 06/10/23

Term: 15/10/23 - 17/12/23

Small & Engaging Zoom Class

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