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Year 9 Selective Excelerator

Embark on the Ultimate Journey to Test Success with Our Comprehensive All-In-One Solution for Selective Exam Preparation

The time to start preparing for the Melbourne Selective exams is now.

It’s essential to provide your child with the most effective tools, strategies, and guidance to ensure their success in these competitive exams.

Introducing our comprehensive All-In-One Solution, designed to make every moment count on the path to academic excellence.

This meticulously crafted program focuses on the key areas that will make a difference in your child’s test performance.

Our expert tutors are dedicated to helping students master essential topics and hone their problem-solving skills, all while building confidence in their abilities.

Course Highlights:

  • Customised homework assignments addressing both ACER formats.
  • In-depth question sets accompanied by thorough.
  • Straightforward performance metrics for your child.
  • Expert insights on crucial topics for selective school exams.


The 1st Coaching Centre to do so in Victoria!

Time Table: 26/04/23 – 09/06/23

Subject Day Time
English & Writing
Reasoning & Maths

Introducing the Exclusive ACER-Style Test Preparation:

A Unique Approach Not Taught by Any Other Coaching Colleges

We are proud to offer a specialised ACER-style test preparation program that focuses on the unique format and content of ACER-style questions, an approach not found in any other coaching colleges. This one-of-a-kind program ensures your child is fully prepared for the challenges posed by ACER-style exams and stands out from the competition.

Reading Comprehension:


Of all the sickly forms of verse,

Commend me to the triolet.
It makes bad writers somewhat worse:
Of all the sickly forms of verse,
That fall beneath a reader’s curse,
It is the feeblest jingle yet.
Of all the sickly forms of verse,
Commend me to the triolet.

A Triolet by Banjo Patterson

Political Cartoons

Old English Prose
Facing Death, that inescapable journey,
who can be wiser than he
who reflects, while breath yet remains,
on whether his life brought others happiness, or pains,
since his soul may yet win delight’s or night’s way
after his death-day.

Mathematical Reasoning:


Complex Problem Solving

Statistical Inferential Reasoning

Complex Data-interpretation

Verbal Reasoning:

Verbal Analogy Questions

Deductive Reasoning

Explore Top-Scoring Writing Techniques with Steve Xu, the Writing Expert

Join Steve Xu as he shares valuable insights on creating top-scoring narratives and persuasive essays. With his expertise, students will delve into the most common topics found in ACER papers, understand the ACER marking rubric, and learn what examiners are looking for in outstanding writing.

Furthermore, Steve will provide an in-depth analysis of how to apply figurative techniques effectively, helping students enhance their writing skills and excel in the ACER-style exams.

Narrative exemplar… and there’s plenty more 😉

As I stood at the edge of the lost city, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The city was a sprawling metropolis, its streets and buildings stretching out as far as the eye could see. The sun glinted off the skyscrapers, the light reflecting off the glass and steel. The air was alive with the sounds of the city, the honking of horns, the chatter of pedestrians, the hum of traffic. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, a city of endless possibility and opportunity.

But as I stepped into the city, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. The people seemed distant and disconnected, their eyes glazed over and unseeing. The air was thick with the scent of pollution, the stench almost overwhelming. The city was beautiful, but there was a darkness lurking beneath its surface, a malevolence that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

As I wandered through the city, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of alienation. I was an outsider here, a stranger in a strange land. I didn’t belong in the lost city, and it was clear that the city didn’t want me either. But I couldn’t turn back now, not when I was so close to discovering the truth about the lost city.

Persuasive Exemplar… And plenty more 😉

I am filled with righteous anger and burning passion as I contemplate the atrocities committed against animals in zoos, these “prisons of despair” where “innocent animals” are subjected to “torment” and “suffering.” I dream of a world where these “hellholes” are dismantled, and all “creatures” are free to roam and flourish in their natural habitats, free from the “clutches of human greed and folly.” I believe that it is our “moral duty” to ban zoos and to create a more compassionate and just society for all beings.

For too long, zoos have been justified under the guise of education and conservation, but these are nothing more than “hollow excuses” for the exploitation and torment of animals. These “death traps” are often overcrowded and poorly maintained, causing animals to suffer from physical and mental health issues. Many zoos also engage in unethical practices such as animal breeding and trading, which only contribute to the “suffering and degradation” of these beautiful creatures.

But the problems with zoos go beyond just the treatment of the animals. Zoos serve to reinforce a “toxic mentality” towards animals and nature, teaching us that it is acceptable to use and abuse these beings for our own entertainment and profit. This “toxic mentality” is not only harmful to animals, but it also has “disastrous consequences” for the environment and for our own well-being. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently stated, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

A Note from Your Tutor: Steve Xu

Meet Steve Xu: Your Expert Tutor with a Decade of Experience in ACER-Style Questions

As your child prepares for the Melbourne Selective tests, it’s essential to have an experienced tutor who understands the ins and outs of ACER-style questions. That’s where Steve Xu comes in. With over a decade of experience in teaching ACER-style questions, Steve has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges these tests present and has helped countless students excel in their selective school exams.

Steve’s extensive experience allows him to break down complex problems and guide students through the process of tackling ACER-style questions with ease. His personalised teaching approach ensures that each student’s unique needs and learning styles are addressed, enabling them to build confidence in their abilities and improve their overall performance.

Some highlights of Steve Xu’s expertise include:

  • Over 10 years of experience teaching ACER-style questions, helping students successfully navigate the complexities of selective school exams
  • An in-depth understanding of the specific challenges and nuances presented by ACER-style questions, enabling him to provide targeted guidance and support
  • A personalised approach to teaching, ensuring that each student’s individual needs and learning styles are catered to, fostering a positive learning environment
  • Proven strategies and techniques, developed through years of experience, which help students tackle even the most challenging questions with confidence and ease
  • A strong track record of success, with many students achieving outstanding results in their selective school exams under Steve’s guidance

When you choose Steve Xu as your tutor, you can be confident that your child will receive the expert guidance and support they need to excel in ACER-style questions and achieve success in their Melbourne Selective tests.

Explore a New World of Learning!

We understand the importance of engagement and interaction when it comes to effective learning.

That’s why we use a private LMS that allows students to fully engage with their tutor through a comment section, in an interactive lecture-style live class.

Steve keeps the students engaged and communicating at all times, answering questions and encouraging them to share their own take on the material taught.

With the convenience and ease of access of online learning, your child can enjoy the benefits of personalised tutoring without the hassle of travel time or scheduling conflicts.

*Please note that these classes and course materials will not be conducted on Zoom, but instead will be hosted on our private learning management system.*

Course details

Discount expires in:


Year 9

Duration: 2 Hours/Week

26/04/23 - 09/06/23

Fun & Engaging

Access From Any Computer , Tablet or Mobile

Course details

Discount expires in:


Year 9

Duration: 2 Hours/Week

26/04/23 - 14/07/23

Fun & Engaging

Access From Any Computer , Tablet or Mobile