Parts of Speech – Part 1

Read the poem below by then answer the questions.

Frozen Life by Lisa Scardez 

Spirals of frozen pieces in air
Flakes of crystal falling in pair
Ground laying with fair icy sand
December welcomes a paradise land
Peaks meeting sky comes down

To wear a white, shiny crown
Cap of snow on trees stuns the sight
Night glitters with Crystal Lake’s light
Solid dew pearls ornament the leaves

Shivering winter pushes sun into sleeves
Moon glances through the icy blizzard
Bearing it as a brave wizard
Sky waters the land with frozen rain
Earth kisses it with pleasing pain
Grass sleeps under the shimmering cushion

Waiting to rise, holding spring’s vision
Snow fairies in myth seem alive
When the shed trees breathe to life
No color but white around
Yet nature appears like heaven ground
Signature of life, when the lips smile
We can see the faces zest up with life

Months of frozen days bring happiness
Mashed up with a little laziness

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