High School Foundations

Make learning in High School hassle-free

Most Students get overwhelmed by the HSC workload in years 11 and 12.

Students prepare for 4 years (grade 7-10) and yet inevitably feel like they’re constantly drowning in homework and assignments. They never have time to relax, revise, or understand the complex concepts being taught, and there is a massive disjunct between the workload and intensity of studying between years 10 and 11.

But Scholarly believes that Years 6 and 7 students are capable of understanding complex concepts taught in Years 11 and 12 as long as they lay the foundations quickly. This is our motivation for the High School Foundations Program which aims to prepare your child to face challenging subjects with confidence.

Program Competencies


Students will be going over novels such as, “The Giver by Louis Lowry” & “Two Weeks with the Queen by Morris Gleitzman”, analysing significant themes, characters, and scenes; and writing essays relating to the novel.
We will be breaking down the key techniques used by the world’s greatest authors in their most iconic novels and show your child how they can implement this into their writing.


Most excelling students will be studying at least a grade or two above the school curriculum and this is just the bare minimum to achieve the highest. Students in the High School Foundations Course at Scholarly will be accelerating their study schedule, going over topics such as Pythagoras Theorem, Intermediate level Geometry, Integers, Graphs, Algebra, and more.


We understand Physics & Chemistry is tremendously competitive in the HSC and we know the only way students achieve the top marks are built from a strong foundation early on. Scholarly will be teaching the fundamentals of science at an exponential rate starting from the basics all the way to an intermediate level.

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Our Strategy

Teaching & Parenting

If your child is struggling with English, Math, Thinking Skills, or Writing; and they can’t seem to grasp the concepts, it’s not your child’s fault. If your child is unfocused in class, crying every time they study, or not taking their education seriously, it’s not your child’s fault. They are most likely due to a lack of great teaching and a lack of firm parenting.

Repetition & Consistency

Through constant practice and thorough review, we make sure that your child fully understands the concepts that they learned and can confidently apply them. They will answer test questions that increase in difficulty as they go along to develop their skills in those subjects. Our tutors will also evaluate and focus on the areas that they miss so the students can get them correctly and move forward.

Foundation Building

Leads to progress that stays!

Session Recordings

Your child can review previously recorded sessions at their convenience.

Progress Updates

Reports on your child's progress help you provide the appropriate level of support at the appropriate time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Scholarly adheres to strict policies to protect the privacy and safety of our students. We utilize specific sites that allow students to actively learn through us and participate in class. We also monitor students’ activities and progress with regular updates to parents. We ensure that everything is kept orderly allowing parents and students ease to focus on their goals.

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