Refund Policy

Returns, refunds or exchanges will not be provided unless there are exceptional circumstances and the decision whether to provide a return, refund or exchange is solely at Scholarly’s discretion. In any situation (whether they relate to goods or services), a request in writing will need to be provided to Scholarly stating your name and contact details, the full history of the transaction in question, a detailed list of reasons why you are requesting a refund/exchange, the contact person that you have dealt with from Scholarly, copies of all relevant documents related to the situation and any other documents and information that we deem to be relevant. Requests for refunds will only be accepted if a request is made in writing (by email or letter) within one week of the date of purchase. Scholarly is not responsible for these decisions and these decisions do not constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’ and thus will not be eligible for refunds (although Scholarly will amend preparation materials as appropriate). More broadly, any events outside Scholarly’s control are not considered ‘exceptional circumstances’. All requests for refunds will incur an administration and banking surcharge of at least 20%. Credit may be given, at our discretion, to other Scholarly courses or products after cancellations. Refunds for individual components of a package will not be considered under any circumstances.

a) Goods

‘Exceptional circumstances’ include if the goods/services are ‘seriously defective’ and within Scholarly’s control. Evidence will need to be provided as to the nature of the defect. Scholarly may attempt to provide an appropriate remedy/alternative depending on the nature of the defect.

b) Services

Cancellations will only be considered for a refund if all the above requirements have been met.

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