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Year 3 Foundations Term 2

A WEMT + Trial Test Exam Prep Program That Builds Foundations.

Course Includes:

Term 2 Timetable : 30th April - 7th July

Sample Homework

To provide ample practice, we provide:

Course Details

Parents often find themselves hopping from one tutoring service to another, searching for the one that actually delivers results.

So, What Really Works?

After having taught kids for decades, we’ve realised that the key to great results lies in:

1. Motivated Kids

7 am Club: Students should start their day strong and foster good habits from a young age.

Challenges & Awards: Learning is fun, students should feel the same way.

2. Great Teaching

Meet your tutors: Role models for student that motivate, inspire and lead your child.

Up-to Date Materials: Expert-crafted materials, tailored from the 2023 Selective Test and 2024 forecasts for unparalleled assessment precision.

3. Constant Feedback

Detailed Rankings: Percentile rankings more detailed than the actual exam to measure exactly how your child performed relative to their peers.

Detailed Reports: Updates on your child’s progress, areas for improvement, and strengths. Get tailored materials and worksheets for enhancement. Benefit from direct contact with a dedicated success coach.

7 Day Support: Contact us 7 days a week with any of your concerns.

All lessons are live and will be recorded for review up to 2 weeks after the course ends. This gives your child the opportunity to revise and reinforce what they’ve learned.

Enrol your child in our Year 3 Foundations program and let’s aim to make learning a joyous journey!

Support Channels

We offer multiple support channels to make sure you’re taken care of. Whether it’s WhatsApp, WeChat, Scholarly Ask (Live Chat), or a good old-fashioned phone call, we’re here to help you out. Just choose your preferred method and reach out – we’re ready to assist you!

WhatsApp (Instant Message)

Where parents can directly engage with Success Coaches to receive feedback, guidance, and updates on their child’s academic progress.

Scholarly Ask

A platform for live academic and technical support accessible directly through the Scholarly platform, catering to both students and parents.


Similar to WhatsApp, it offers direct support to parents for any queries or issues they might have.


An option for discussing planning and guidance with Scholarly Specialists based on the child’s specific needs and goals.


See what other students say about our Year 3 programs:

Lynn L.

Thank you for all the weekly lessons and feedback on how he could improve his writing. As a parent I am glad to hear and see that he is improving and not disliking writing as much as prior to starting this scholarly program. Well done to you and the team for the amazing work. Yes definitely I will encourage him to keep writing. Have a wonderful weekend.

Vidhi K.

Hi Aneesh, Thank you for the feedback. Anna is really happy to hear from you. She takes a long time to finish her writing homework, plenty of research done each week. I’m really happy she’s putting in the effort to do it. She did mention that the homework is getting more difficult this term . Thank you again. Have a great day!

Radhika C.

I’m super impressed! She loves her Scholarly’s classes! Thank you SO much for the feedback too! I will sit with her and look at ways we can make her even better

Wendy C.

Thanks Aneesh and Jacob, thanks for your effort and detailed guide. I am glad to see Eddy is making progress, and will make sure he keeps doing it! By the way, Eddy really enjoys the time with scholarly 🙂

Course Includes: