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The NAPLAN assessments are an important benchmark for students as they progress through their education. For parents, NAPLAN assessments offer a way to understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and support their learning and development in a meaningful way.
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Course Outcome

Our course curriculum, including Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills, and Writing, covers essential skills that will serve as the building blocks for their academic journey.

Reading Comprehension

  • Reading a range of passages including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details.
  • Making inferences, understanding character development, and analysing figurative language.
  • Analysing the structure and organisation of passages.


  • Addition and Subtraction of positive and negative numbers
  • Multiplication and division, including how to use arrays and other strategies.
  • Fractions, including how to identify, compare, and add and subtract fractions.
  • Measurement, including how to use standard units of length, weight, and capacity.
  • Geometry, including how to identify and describe basic shapes and their properties.

Language Conventions

  • Spelling patterns, rules and strategies.
  • Grammar (parts of speech, sentence structure, etc.) and punctuation rules.
  • Capitalisation rules and their usage.
  • Vocabulary: antonyms and synonyms, root words, context clues, etc.


  • Creating a clear topic sentence, developing supporting ideas, and using transition words.
  • Structuring a paragraph effectively.
  • Practising writing on a variety of topics, including narrative and persuasive writing.

Why Choose Us


Individualised Attention

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all education. We offer individualised attention to each and every student, ensuring they receive the support they need to reach their full potential. With our dedicated tutors, your child will receive personalised instruction that is tailored to their unique learning style, interests and goals.

Whether your child needs extra help in a particular subject or just a bit of motivation to stay engaged, our team of experienced educators is here to provide the guidance and support your child needs to thrive. We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to succeed, and our personalised approach to education helps to make that a reality.


Empowering Adventure in Education

Our NAPLAN Master Zoom course transforms traditional learning into a thrilling adventure. We understand that a boring lecture just won’t cut it, which is why we use interactive methods to ignite students’ passion for learning. From solving mind-bending puzzles to exploring real-life scenarios and playing educational games, every lesson is a thrilling ride that will have students’ brains firing on all cylinders. Say goodbye to dull, unengaging classes and hello to an education experience that will leave students empowered and eager to learn more!


Masterminds in the Making

Our course isn’t just about getting the right answers, it’s about helping students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills they can use in all areas of life. We aim to turn your child into a learning machine who can tackle anything that comes their way. This is education that will last a lifetime!

That’s why we provide regular teaching tips and strategies to help your child succeed. Our expert tutors are trained to provide practical and effective study methods that support a variety of learning styles.


Exam Mastery

At Scholarly, success is the only option! Every lesson is an opportunity for your child to get hands-on experience with exam-style questions and fine-tune their skills. No more last-minute cramming or feeling unprepared, we’ve got you covered. Let’s help your child ace their exams and show off their brilliance!


Parental Involvement

We believe that parents play an important role in the learning process and we strive to support and involve them in every step of the way. With that in mind, we make a conscious effort to keep parents informed about their child’s progress.

To support parental involvement, our team of experts are always available to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have and provide regular updates and feedback to parents on the student’s performance. This includes information on what the student has been learning, what they are excelling at and where they may need improvement.

We understand the importance of open communication and are committed to providing a positive and supportive environment for both students and parents.

Every child deserves a chance to shine

Let’s work together to make your child’s future a bright one!