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Year 2 Nourishing Newtons Term 1

The Scholarly One Percent Program

Course Details

Our Year 2 Nourishing Newtons program is a comprehensive and all-inclusive educational course designed to foster the foundational skills your child needs for success in learning.

Here’s an in-depth look at what we offer:
To provide ample practice, we provide:

Term 2 Timetable : 1st May - 6th July

Sample Homework

All lessons are live and will be recorded for review up to 2 weeks after the course ends. This gives your child the opportunity to revise and reinforce what they’ve learned.

Enrol your child in our Year 2 Nourishing Newtons program and let’s aim to make learning a joyous journey!

Support Channels

We offer multiple support channels to make sure you’re taken care of. Whether it’s WhatsApp, WeChat, Scholarly Ask (Live Chat), or a good old-fashioned phone call, we’re here to help you out. Just choose your preferred method and reach out – we’re ready to assist you!

WhatsApp (Instant Message)

Where parents can directly engage with Success Coaches to receive feedback, guidance, and updates on their child’s academic progress.

Scholarly Ask

A platform for live academic and technical support accessible directly through the Scholarly platform, catering to both students and parents.


Similar to WhatsApp, it offers direct support to parents for any queries or issues they might have.


An option for discussing planning and guidance with Scholarly Specialists based on the child’s specific needs and goals.


Our Year 2 Nourishing Newtons program is a comprehensive and all-inclusive educational course designed to foster the foundational skills your child needs for success in learning.

Scholarly Student

Steve thank you so much i got into OC i could have not done it without you!!!

Year 6 Student

I have overcome diminishing OC English result of 40% to get into James Ruse with 100% in English through determination and hard work. The main challenge personally regarding the selective test was English and Writing which I overcame with lots of help from Scholarly and Steve. Getting full marks in English and 97% in Maths was mainly achieved from a large quantity of hard and challenging practice which made Selective English and Maths personally quite easy for me.

Scholarly Parent

Hi Steve! It is so amazing that ____ just got an offer from Newington College for 100% scholarship. Words cannot express enough our gratitude from us to you. Since we started your class around 4-5 months ago, he immediately loved your lessons and all the inspirations from you. I still remembered his happy face when walking out of your class on the first day, and straight away, he decided to stop in his current tutor and came here. He becomes more confident, responsible, and committed than ever before. That is just an amazing transformation . From a non OC kid to what he gets today in such short time, I still couldn’t believe!

Scholarly Parent

Our respect and admiration for Steven as my daughter’s tutor cannot be expressed in words. Scholarly been our mentor, our support, and our guide. My daughter has progressed from being a non-OC class student to achieve three prestigious 100% scholarships to Pymble Ladies College, Wenona, and Redlands. We knew we made the right choice when he stayed through all the milestones of this journey, exam, interview and school selection. She was able to succeed through pattern-based exams, valuable study material, and detailed video lessons. Classes are not overcrowded, and an online platform for interaction was unique and helpful. Steven has played a pivotal part, especially as my daughter had a very little time to prepare for such competitive exams. Glad to found Steven, who has made this dream possible and mere words could never express our gratitude to you. Our most sincere and heartfelt thank you to Steve.

Course Includes: