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Many parents find it difficult to prepare their kids for OC test and Selective schools test English. The biggest mistake most parents do is subjecting their kids to numerous irrelevant questions while preparing the kids at home or smaller coaching colleges. Most of these questions are good, but they are not to the level of OC tests or Selective schools exams. To prepare the kids well for the exams, you need to ensure that they are doing the right questions.

The first problem is that a lot of parents give their children irrelevant questions. They subject kids to fact-finding questions instead of inference questions, which are now the norm in both the OC and Selective. Most questions are based on emotions nowadays. It is a complete waste of time to subject your kid to irrelevant questions. If you don’t fix this, your child will fail the actual exam.

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Common problems in OC preparation

Some parents never work on building comprehension in cartoons, poetry, and unusual texts. If you don’t spend time building the right foundations on cartoons, poetry, and unusual texts, you’ll never actually understand how to solve them. You need to spend quality time in terms of solving these cartoons and poetry and understand how to break them down one by one. This is because cartoons and poetry are very popular in the OC and Selective test.

The third problem is that most parents don’t spend time on analysis and understanding themes and keywords. Many parents just spend time doing too many questions without working on vocab and understanding themes and keywords. This is a dangerous approach because when your child gets to the real exam, they might not find similar questions they have practiced and they might end up failing terribly.

Another common problem is that a lot of people do not approach the questions correctly. They end up losing marks by constantly selecting the wrong answers from the multiple choices. The fifth problem is that a lot of children lose confidence due to repeated low marks or stagnant marks. They develop a sense of helplessness when they aren’t able to go beyond 60% or 70%. Loss of confidence simply means the child isn’t interested and it’s not their fault. It’s just because they’re not getting the right training.

And the reason why poems, cartoons, and quotes are so important is that you need to figure out the deeper meaning of those figurative terms. As compared to pretty direct nonfiction, fiction questions are really difficult, and you need the right training to figure them out.

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Oftentimes, kids don’t understand character emotions, humor, and irony. To interpret characters and emotions, you need to read characters, body reactions, and facial expressions. With cartoons, you need to make your kids understand exaggeration. With graph questions, you need to read and interpret the graphs very carefully. Oftentimes, kids who are untrained in terms of interpreting graphs will get the graph questions wrong.

With quote questions, children are required to understand the deeper meaning of the quotes. From this quote, ‘I’m not young enough to know everything.’ It’s just making fun of the fact that some young people believe that they know everything. And so obviously, as we get older, we start becoming a lot more cynical, and we start understanding how the world operates. When you’re young, you might think you are doing everything right. As you become older, you start understanding the world better. Some kids might interpret this quote negatively in that young people don’t know anything, and old people know everything. And they might end up losing marks here.

With poetry, you need to understand the deeper themes of poetry. You can practice this by going through poems with different themes. You can go through environmental poems. Poems that talk about seasons and those which talk about people. You should also go through a lot of really famous poems because they have appeared in OC and Selective many times. This is a poem that popped up in the actual selective emulator.

This is green as grace ruby
Red as blood sapphires
Shines as blue as heaven
A flag lie in mud
A diamond is blue
A brilliant stone to catch the world's desire
And opal holds a fiery spark
But Flint holds fire
oc test poetry book

In this poem, you need to figure out the main idea and the deeper meaning. Is it talking about emeralds and diamonds? Why are they relevant? And what is the relevance of the flint? In this case, the flint is used to create fire, and so the poem is trying to say that saying that despite the flag lying in the mud, despite it not being as physically beautiful as Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire, which are all beautiful jewels, the flood holds the greatest practical value, and the flint can be used to make fire.

Reading will help you in the OC test!

For your children to improve in the comprehension section, you should encourage your children to read books that will challenge their reasoning. You can’t expect the child to improve in comprehension if what they’re reading is different from what they’re doing. Reading easy books, like comic books will not challenge their vocab and improve their writing. What I’d recommend is at least starting with something like Harry Potter, then moving on to something like Lord of the Rings.

You should also challenge your child to read books with an adequate difficulty level. A book with at least 7 unknown words on a single page is a good book. Also ensure that they read to understand and gain knowledge, and not just read to complete the assignment. In terms of comprehension, don’t just go for any book at your local book store. A lot of those books are badly written. If you want to practice, what I’ll recommend is to practice on Icecast. Though much easier than the selective, they spend a lot of time building them, unlike the books that you buy in your local bookshelves, which are just written haphazardly by people who just want to make money.

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