Scholarly Book Club

Designed to engage younger readers with simpler abridged versions of classic novels, fostering a deep appreciation for literacy while enhancing their reading comprehension skills through thoughtful book dissection.

Scholarly Book Club

About the Scholarly Book Club

Welcome to the Scholarly Book Club, where literature comes alive and young minds are shaped into discerning readers and critical thinkers.

This program is meticulously crafted to cater to both Junior (Year 3 – Year 4) and Senior (Year 5 – Year 6) primary school students, ensuring that every participant is met at their level of understanding and curiosity.

Senior Book Club: Unraveling the BBC Top 100 with Mastery!

For our older enthusiasts, we embark on a profound exploration of the BBC’s Top 100 Books. This journey is not just about reading; it’s about understanding the societal, political, and personal implications of each masterpiece.

From Orwell’s haunting vision of the future in “1984” to Austen’s sharp critique of societal norms in “Pride and Prejudice”, we delve deep into the themes that shape our world today.

Our seniors will also time-travel through literary eras, understanding the context and significance of each period, from the Classical to the Postmodern.

With advanced vocabulary acquisition methods, we ensure that our students not only read but also articulate their thoughts with eloquence and precision.

Furthermore, our interactive assignments challenge them to think outside the box, fostering creativity and a deeper understanding of the material.

TIMETABLE: 12th October - 14th December

Junior Book Club: Discovering Timeless Tales for Tomorrow's Leaders!

For our younger readers, the journey is equally enchanting but tailored to their budding intellect and imagination.

We introduce them to timeless tales like “The Alchemist”, “The Little Prince”, and “Charlotte’s Web”, each chosen for its profound yet age-appropriate lessons.

Our juniors will voyage through fantastical worlds and historical settings, learning valuable life lessons along the way.

With our vibrant vocabulary adventures, we ensure that language learning becomes a delightful game rather than a tedious task. Our modern connections with timeless tales make every story relevant, ensuring that our young readers see the magic of literature in their everyday lives.

TIMETABLE: 13th October - 15th December

Both our senior and junior programs emphasize active engagement with literature. We believe that stories are not just to be read but lived, analyzed, and created. Our assignments challenge students to think, imagine, and craft, turning them from passive readers to active literary enthusiasts.

Introducing "Scholarly Book Club" with Steve Xu

Unearth the treasures of literature with our immersive program guided by renowned author and educator, Steve Xu, alongside Scholarly’s elite team of tutors. Steve’s approach transcends mere reading. He recognizes that literature is a window to understanding humanity, history, and the myriad emotions that shape our world. He champions the idea that every book holds lessons beyond its pages and emphasizes the art of critical thinking, deep analysis, and connecting literary themes to real-world contexts. Under Steve’s expert mentorship, your child will journey through a curated selection of literary masterpieces, spanning various genres and eras. They will not only appreciate the beauty of words but also decode the deeper meanings, allegories, and societal commentaries embedded within. With Steve’s insights, students will learn to draw parallels between classic tales and contemporary issues, making every reading experience relevant and enlightening.

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We understand the importance of engagement and interaction when it comes to effective learning.

That’s why we use a private LMS that allows students to fully engage with their tutor through a comment section, in an interactive lecture-style live class.

Our tutors keep students engaged and communicating at all times, answering questions and encouraging them to share their own take on the material taught.

With the convenience and ease of access of online learning, your child can enjoy the benefits of personalised tutoring without the hassle of travel time or scheduling conflicts.

*Please note that these classes and course materials will not be conducted on Zoom, but instead will be hosted on our private learning management system.*

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Course details

Year 3 - 6

1 hour/week

Term: 12th October - 15th December

Fun & Engaging

Access from any Computer or Laptop

Course details

Year 3-6

1 hours/week

Term: 12/10/2023- 15/12/2023

Fun & Engaging

Access from any Computer or Laptop

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