Everything you need to know about opportunity classes

What are opportunity classes?

Opportunity classes are an initiative of the government for students of year five and year 6 having high potential. These classes are located at primary government schools for students with special abilities and high potential. These classes successfully provide students a unique study environment as student studies in groups with children having the same abilities as there’s and with the help of extraordinary teachers who make all the concepts as clear as a mirror to every child.

Parents usually apply for these classes when their child is 4, and then the child studies at the school for the next two years, that is, years 5 and 6. However, some parents get the information later too. And so apply in year five and the student study further for year 6. There is no admission for students of year 6. This program is a two-year program with placement after that. Accordingly, students who accept the placement proposal are sent to their new school for higher studies from the old one.

Seventy-six counted schools are available across NSW to provide your child with a wonderful experience of high school tutoring. Specially-abled students are encouraged to apply for these classes along with their parents. The teachers, school staff, and other mentors take proper care of these children and make sure that they do not face any kind of trouble with learning, behaving, or making new friends. Moreover, parents of such aboriginal students can meet up with the teacher and principal for further child reports.

Application process

If you are wondering about applying for this program, there is some certain information you should have about the application process.

The first thing you need to know about the application process is that you can only apply for the form through some particular browsers. You can only use it by fungi the google chrome browser: Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, and Samsung galaxy.

The best part about this website and application is that you update it anytime you need, even after you have submitted the application form already. You can always edit it as you want. For instance, if you shifted to another place or changed your phone number. Further, you can also withdraw the application form anytime you want if you decide that you do not want your child to go to that school. Moreover, if you ever think that these classes are not in your budget and that you can not afford it, the opportunity class also offers scholarships for its students.

Application process

Here are the steps to apply for the opportunity classes online:-

Documents required

Here is a list of documents required for getting admission in the school having opportunity classes. These documents will also help your child get a high school scholarship.
  1. All the information about the disability of the child and a medical certificate is a must. If you want the school to make any adjustments for your child, you need to clear it before with the staff.
  2. A form required explaining why your child is younger or older than the age required for the class.
  3. If your child’s decision is on some other hand, then a specific court order is needed about the child.

Information for applicants

Opportunity class provides you with the best tutor for your child. You can also easily find a tutor for your child according to your choice. As known, the opportunity class also provides offline coaching according to one’s requirement. You can opt for either tutoring online or tutoring offline.

Proceeding to the information about the applicants. Here is all the information required by the firm to give admission to your student in their school.

Key dates

The key dates of the test for the opportunity class are 7 July 2021; this is the date when the test will be conducted. You will be notified in your emails about the dates and about all the dos and don’ts. Moreover, the result of placement will be announced in October 2022. And you will also be notified about the same on the same email address.

The test

Students seeking admission in opportunity classes must appear for the test held by the organization at its coaching center. This test helps the committee to finalize students who will get admission in opportunity classes. This test is only conducted in NSW, and the date is announced each year. The date for the 2021 year when the test will be conducted is 21 July. By 7 July, all the necessary information about the test will be emailed to the child’s parents. Such as the coaching center, the location, start and end time, etc.

Following is what the test information comprises of
  • The letter you received as an entry ticket for the test is must to carry to the told address
  • If any special adjustments should be made for your child before giving the exam, while giving the exam, or after the exam.
  • An information sheet that guides you and the child about what to do and what not to do while the child gives the test.
  • A notice of special parking places if there is any parking restriction in the area of your ward’s center

Test format

The test format is pretty simple. All the questions are multiple-choice questions which absolutely do not take much time. The test consists of three sections- the reading section, mathematical reasoning section, and thinking skill section. The reading section contains 25 questions, the mathematical reasoning section consists of 35 questions, and the thinking skill section consists of 30 questions.

Suppose you want to score good grades in the reading section. You need to have a good command of reading and then to answer the question accordingly. You may have to read an extract 2 or 3 times in order to understand it and answer the questions. So you need to read fast and finish the section in 30 minutes.

The mathematical reasoning test is for 40 minutes, and all 35 questions are multiple-choice questions. If you want to score good marks on this test, you need to know basic mathematics, and you need to know how to put formulas in different questions. This section is made to understand your logical ability.

The next and the last section of thinking skills is for 30 minutes and consists of 30 questions. 1 minute for each question. The section is made to know your ability to think, your ability to solve problems. There aren’t questions of the same range; rather, the difficulty level of the questions vary.

Selection process

In the previous years, the total score of the test was 200. However, in 2021 the total score of the test is 100, which is easy for students to apply and to get scholarships. To give students placements according to what they deserve, raw test score results will be added to the test score and will be given a placement to the students.

The raw test score was 120, which was 300 the previous year, making the situation easy for the following batch. The total score calculated is a chance of placement for some students. Also, a group of children will be given special consideration according to their health issues. Moreover, your placement and consideration will be rejected if your consideration reasons turned out to be false.

Placement outcome information

The placement information of the student will be sent to the email id registered in the student’s form by October 2022. The placement offers to tell you that:
  • Your child may be selected for one or both of your choice schools.
  • Your child is on the waiting list for one or both of the schools you prefer.
  • Or your child is unsuccessful in getting admission in both the schools you preferred.
If your child is selected for one of the schools you prefer, you can fill the admission form, sign it and give it to the team before the date you are told to give. The dues date is usually two weeks after the result is announced. However, in case you didn’t respond in that period of time, you may receive a phone call, and you’ll have to answer within 24 hours, or the placement offer will be withdrawn.

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