Online OC School Test Preparation Course

Structured and easy to understand live classes

Follow along your tutor as they explain the concept and provide practical solutions for all of the OC test question types.

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Easily accessible support every day of the week

Avoid confusion with 7 day personalised learning support to address any gaps in your child’s understanding

Facilitate learning with simple-to-use resources.

Regularly updated homework and trial test questions. Engineered by OC Test Subject Experts complete with worked solutions.

Stay informed all the time

Keep track of your child’s progress with regular in-depth results and feedback tailored to your child.

Effective and lasting learning

Engaging, fun classes with creative activities, gamified quizzing rewarding kids every step of the way and a learning culture that cultivates self led scholars to excel.

Scholarly… the perfect balance between rigour and joy, creating an inspiring learning environment that will ignite your child's passion for knowledge.

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6 hours per week of well-structured and simple to understand live classes.

3 hours of engaging and fun concept learning + 3 hours of practical trial test review

Our clear theory sessions are designed to help your child truly grasp the concepts – allowing them to develop a deep understanding that will last.


Through our unique tutoring approach, we make sure learning is never boring or tedious; providing stimulating activities so children retain focus.


Step-by-step trial test review will explain the questions to help your child understand where and how marks are lost so they learn progressively each week.

300+ Weekly questions engineered at the exact difficulty for Selective Test success.

Weekly Trial Tests and statistics at a click of a button

Experience the convenience of knowing exactly where your child is at all times in their Selective journey. With weekly trial tests gain immediate access to informative statistics that you can utilize to maximise your childs marks.

Homework after every class.

Get the volume of homework your child needs to build fluency. Every lesson reinforce the concepts and grow.

Writing feedback for every assignment.

Providing meaningful feedback on all assignments is a great way to help students hone their writing skills. Regularly assessing and offering constructive criticism helps ensure that each student’s work continues to develop consistently over time.

Everyday support and further question clarification

Don’t let your learning journey be a solo one! At any point during the week, our knowledgeable and friendly support team is always available to offer assistance. Take advantage of this resource for comprehensive question clarification and feel empowered in expanding your knowledge!

Termly personalised reports with in-depth advice on exactly what your child needs to improve

Unlock tailored insights with termly reports that provide your child the advice they need to grow and succeed in their education. Get a comprehensive breakdown of exactly how they can reach the next level.

Gamified quizzes and vocab lists with prizes to be won

Ignite a competitive spirit in your child with fun quizzes and vocabulary contests! Empower them to show off their knowledge while they earn prizes through exciting educational games.


Holiday Zoom 5 Day Crash Courses. Classes Open for Y2-Y8.
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