Opportunity Class Test 2021 | Expert tips from students scoring 250+

The education department is partnering with Janison Education Group and
Cambridge Assessment to deliver a modern world-class selection system for NSW Selective Schools and Opportunity Class Placement programs. Opportunity Class and Selective high school placement tests are transitioning to a new test framework and computer-based format by 2022. The transition from paper-based to computer based tests is efficient in terms of delivery, accessibility, and accuracy.

At Scholarly, we help our students excel in their OC exams, get into top Selective Schools and receive competitive Scholarships. The most important thing we do at scholarly is getting kids to realise their true potential. In 2020, we got 30 scholarships to top Private Schools. Our highest Selective School scores were above 270 with averages of 230. We have already come up with a coaching curriculum similar to the Cambridge testing style.

opportunity class exam 2021

Problems parents find with the new OC test

Most parents with kids in the Year 4 group focus heavily on poor quality online questions which are not reflective of the actual exams. Most of these questions are not challenging enough. You need to realize that the OC exams are very challenging. For this reason, parents with Year 4 students should prepare them with challenging tests drawn from year 6 or Year 7 tests.

Most tutoring colleges do not teach kids English and Thinking Skills. They specialize only in Math and GA only. Yet these two areas are now the least challenging sections in the test. The OC will assess lots of logical questions, leaving parents with the responsibility of teaching these concepts in Thinking skills themselves. The English exam is very specific in the new OC exams, and so students need intense training in terms of poetry, cartoons, and figurative understanding. The thinking skills have also changed and are now more specific.

While some parents are usually sure of what they want for their kids, most parents are usually not. Before admitting our students at Scholarly, we usually ask their parents how serious they are about their kids getting into OC/Selective Schools. Most parents are not usually willing to put in two hours of work a day in coaching
their kids as we require.

As a parent, you should remember that the quality of your child’s performance is a reflection of the quality of your parenting style. You should put in at least two hours of quality work every day. This will help your child prepare well for the OC exams. We understand that some parents get so much busy with work, but in the long run, without proper parental guidance, the child is not likely to pass the exams.

2020 Questions Reveal

There were a lot of synonyms, anagrams, and odd-one-out questions. Without a strong vocabulary, there was no possibility of passing the exams. To pass these kinds of questions, students need to perform constant repetition to help them memorize the vocabulary. Since vocabulary needs to be applied, students should read many comprehensions and apply the learned vocabulary in their writing. It is therefore useless to do countless GA questions. Instead, parents should focus on building their kids’ foundation in vocabulary.

One of the cartoons in the OC sample test was Start-think-think-think-harder-think stop-idea. A flow chat was provided for the kids for them to explain the emotion or the cartoon’s intention on the flow chat. To tackle cartoon questions, the students needed to figure out the intended joke of the cartoon. To tackle such cartoon questions, kids should be able to pick out things like irony and sarcasm that are usually associated with most cartoons.

opportunity class reading test
opportunity class poetry test


One of the poems that was given in the 2020 OC test was about freedom that is unchanged by colour.

“And staying inside the lines Is fine, but… I lie it when stuff leaks- When the bluebird and the blue sky Are just one blur of blue flying”

The main idea in this poem is that the author dislikes being confined and loves being free. Students who did not understand the notion of freedom, constriction, and
imprisonment did not perform well in this section. To develop their poetry skills,
students should get good exposure to poems by going through 100 high and
medium-level poems to sharpen their poetry skills and get an idea of the themes being tested.

The math questions were relatively easy as long as the student had strong abilities in fractions and decimals.

In a class of 600 people, 1/3 of the people come by car. ¾ of the remainder people use train.
How many people walk to school?

The keyword in this question was the remainder. In solving this question, the number of people who come by car are 200. ¾ of the remaining 400 people is
300people. The people who walk to school are 100. As you can see from this example, the math questions in the OC exam are generally easy. This is why more focus
should be put on English and Thinking skills. Parents should stop subjecting their
children to irrelevant questions that may cost their kids OC school placements.

If you want your kids to get the best OC placement training, the best thing to do is to enrol them into our program at scholarly. Scholarly training is designed to get students into the top 10 selective schools and top 10 OCs. For Year 4 training for the 2021 OC Placement tests, Scholarly provides 4.5 hours of training sessions every week. There are weekly child tests as well as specialized foundation training in English, thinking skills, math, and writing.

About our approach and strategy, we focus on overtraining our students by going beyond the normal learning curriculum. For students in year 4, for example, we train them up to the year 6 level. This is because kids need to train beyond the standard of the actual exam in order to pass. This helps them reduce the level of nervousness,
manage their time well, and tackle difficult questions on the actual exams. We have
always employed this strategy on many of our students to achieve our exemplary results.

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