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Welcome to Scholarly!

At Scholarly, we understand the importance of providing quality education to your children. That’s why we offer two different styles of teaching

Scholarly+ and Scholarly Original

To ensure your child receives the best possible education.


Scholarly+ is an alternative tutoring system that runs live online zoom classes in small groups of 9-13 students. These classes are less than 3 hours per week and subject specific for English and writing, math, thinking skills or trial test practice. There is a lot of interactivity and students can speak directly to the tutor to clarify any doubts they may have.

Scholarly Original

Scholarly Original is the program that most parents demand as it covers all subjects. It is approximately 4-7 hours per week of live classes depending on the year level and is conducted in small groups of 25-30 students. The program also includes:

  • All homework for every subject
  • Full trial tests
  • Comprehensive worked explanations.

What should you do?

Many parents do 1 or 2 subjects of Scholarly+ to supplement the Scholarly Original program so that their child can clarify any doubts directly with the tutor only for subjects their child has particular difficulty in.
It’s like peanut butter & jelly… A perfect combination.

If your child struggles with understanding the fundamental concepts of a subject and is looking to get personalised and focused attention in an interactive class, Scholarly+ is the best choice for you. If you are looking to get into a top 10 Selective or OC class and want a comprehensive program with everything you need, Scholarly Original is the best choice.

At Scholarly, we strive to inspire and motivate our students to pursue their academic dreams, providing them with a holistic education that goes beyond traditional academia. We want to equip them with essential knowledge they can use in their everyday lives and cultivate an environment that is both nourishing and challenging, educational and entertaining.

If you’re interested in becoming part of something magical.

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