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Day 1 Writing Homework

Write 4 sentences describing something you’ve done in any holidays using colours and sounds in your sentences like we did in class.

Please email your writing homework to and we will provide feedback within 2-5 days

Ensure You Put The Day and Year
Example: Day 1 Year 3 Writing Homework

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Writing Homework”


    At the beach it was the best day.
    The blue sky was so bright and beautiful.
    The sand was so soft and calm.
    The water was so warm and clean.

  2. I went to my friend’s house, it was an apartment. They had a big television on a white shelf, a dining table which was a wood colour, and a sofa that’s grey. Upstairs there is four bedrooms, a play area and last of all two toilets. They had a kitchen that has a grey bench, a sink, a shelf to put food on and lastly there is a rice cooker.

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