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Day 3 Writing Homework

3 sentences about some of your favourite foods and describe eating them Remember to talk about the texture, taste, how does it make you feel, etc.

Make sure you exaggerate all your emotions and tastes

Please email your writing homework to and we will provide feedback within 2-5 days

Ensure You Put The Day and Year
Example: Day 1 Year 3 Writing Homework

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Writing Homework”


    I love lots of food. Examples are chicken wings, barbecue with wagyu beef, sushi, sashimi. However, my favorite foods are seafood. For instance, a crab. As it approaches my lips in slow motion, the crisp and pristine scent of the nature and the fragrance of the salty sea water drift into my nostrils. When the crab is cooked, the liquid-like crab eggs can be eaten with rice. I even like some of the sea vegetables!I hope you would also enjoy it!

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