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The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 OC Test: Tips, Sample Papers & More

A Message For Those Sitting the OC Test 2024


“Preparing for the 2024 Opportunity Class (OC) test can feel daunting, especially when you’re surrounded by peers who seem to have a natural edge. I remember my early days while preparing for the OC test: I would keep feeling overwhelmed by how naturally gifted my classmates were. This perception of constant competition and inferiority held me back significantly.

However, I want to share an important lesson with you: the key to success is not in comparing yourself to others, but in focusing on your own growth and potential. When I shifted my focus inward, dedicating myself to self-improvement rather than external competition, I beat my peers significantly. 

A close friend of mine, who went on to study piano at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London, is the best example of this. When we were both kids, I was better at playing the piano. But he was relentless in his practice. While I gave only 1.5 hours to the instrument, he dedicated 6 hours of his day every day. He did not care about how better others were, or what others said about him. His journey is a powerful reminder that with persistence and self-focus, you can achieve greatness.

So, as you prepare for the OC test 2024, my advice to you is: Your potential is limitless if you dedicate yourself to self-improvement and never quit. focus on yourself, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go.”

– Steve Xu
Founder, Scholarly

OC Test 2024 Structure

The OC test 2024 includes three sections: Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills. The test format is as follows:

– Reading: 25 questions, 30 minutes

– Mathematical Reasoning: 35 questions, 40 minutes

– Thinking Skills: 30 questions, 30 minutes

Each question is multiple-choice, and there are no penalties for incorrect answers.

Section 1: OC Test Reading

The Reading section is a blend of various text types, including fiction, factual texts, poetry, magazine articles, and traditional stories, both from Australian sources and international writers. This section aims to evaluate diverse reading skills. 

Key Focus Areas:

– Comprehension of different text types.

– Ability to interpret and analyze written information.

– Speed and accuracy in understanding written material.

 Preparing for the Reading Section:

– Practice reading a variety of texts.

– Develop skills in quickly identifying the main idea and details.

– Work on time management to ensure all questions are attempted.

OC Sample TEST: Reading

Reading sample questions (PDF 717 KB)

Reading sample answers (PDF 8.41 KB)

Explanation of answers – Reading (PDF 387 KB)

Section 2: OC Test Mathematical Reasoning

This section is not just about mathematical knowledge but focuses on reasoning and problem-solving skills. The questions are designed to align with the NSW K-10 Syllabus for Stages 1 and 2, ensuring familiarity with the content for students.

 Key Focus Areas:

– Logical reasoning and problem-solving in mathematical contexts.

– Application of basic mathematical concepts in various scenarios.

– Skillful handling of numerical data and patterns.

Preparing for the Mathematical Reasoning Section:

– Strengthen your understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

– Practice problem-solving and reasoning with diverse mathematical problems.

– Focus on time management and strategy to tackle different types of questions.

OC Sample Test: Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical reasoning sample questions (PDF 280 KB)

Mathematical reasoning sample answers (PDF 35.6 KB)

Explanation of answers – Mathematical reasoning (PDF 857 KB)

Section 3: OC Test Thinking Skills

The Thinking Skills section assesses generic academic skills essential for success across various subjects. This section includes verbal, spatial, and numerical reasoning questions.

 Key Focus Areas:

– Critical thinking and logical analysis.

– Spatial and visual understanding.

– Numerical reasoning and pattern recognition.

 Preparing for the Thinking Skills Section:

– Engage in exercises that enhance critical thinking.

– Practice with puzzles and games that involve spatial and numerical reasoning.

– Develop a strategy for approaching different types of reasoning questions.

OC Sample Test: Thinking Skills

Thinking skills sample questions (PDF 604 KB)

Thinking skills sample answers (PDF 46.4 KB)

Explanation of answers – Thinking skills (PDF 411 KB)

OC Practice Test: Previous Years Question Papers



Reading practice test questions (PDF 552.8 KB)

Reading practice test answers (PDF 122.5 KB)

Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning practice test questions (PDF 1.2 MB)

Mathematical Reasoning practice test answers (PDF 88.9 KB

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills practice questions (PDF 1.5 MB)

Thinking Skills practice test answers (PDF 72.5 KB)

For more previous years’ question papers for OC Test NSW, click here.

OC Trial Test

Get a free analysis of your child’s ability, focusing on key areas in 2024 OC test prep. This is particularly useful amid recent developments of the 2023 & 2024 exam predictions.

Take the OC Trial test here.

Need help navigating the NSW OC Test 2024 and NSW OC Test 2025? Reach out here:

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